Follow My Unemployment!

September 30th 2015, in about 2 weeks, my post-doc position at JBEI will end.  I have sent out resumes, been to many informational interviews, constantly network, and have had only a handful of interviews. From those interviews, it came down between me and another candidate, of course they chose the other candidate. Its a frustrating situation. I did have an offer for an 18 month contract position with Bayer CropScience in Sacramento, CA. Buts thats 2 hours away, for very low pay, 3 days of vacation total and very bad medical insurance for our family of 3 and soon to be 4. I had to decline it. I could not be 2 hours away from my pregnant wife. So thats our situation right now.

I will post any and all progress in my job search. If anybody reads this, please feel free to respond to anything.


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