Soraya is coming!

Baby Soraya is coming!

On a warm afternoon in June, my wife and I sat in our bedroom.
She had missed her monthly menstruation, and the blue line showed us important information.
Then we kissed.

I was bewildered, and she was nervous. She asked me how I felt…I replied “I’m amazed!”.
And we kissed again.

I must have asked her how she felt, but I cannot remember. Forgive me princess, I was beyond this world. Soon the excitement and happiness set in, and we hugged for a long time.
And we kissed again.

It was dinner time by now and we were in no shape to cook. Our hearts and minds were bursting and could not be kept indoors.
We got in the car… and we kissed again.

We drove around and found a little Italian cafe. It was busy inside so we sat at a table outside.
I reached over…and we kissed again.

The waiter came by and asked what we wanted to drink, I said “A glass of wine for me”…then I looked at my princess,
she looked at the waiter, and with a big smile she said… “just water for me, I’m pregnant!”
The waiter smiled and left…and we kissed again.

Now its February, Baby Soraya is coming!



oh science!

Science, Science…oh science!
How I think about you constantly, oh science!
In the shower and the gym, oh science!
During dinner and drinks, oh science!
While with my wife and kid, oh science!
You constantly taunt me, and embarrass me!
Give me headaches and torment me!

Science, Science…oh science!
Whats the use of all this science?

ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!…(sigh)…I wish I knew more science!!!

Why did I become a microbiologist!?

Imagine the early earth: meteors smashing, volcanoes spewing, pools boiling, and an atmosphere constantly shifting. A dramatic world created by chemical and physical interactions. In this alien place, simple molecules and elements began combining to form molecular species of ever-greater complexity and variety. Somewhere, under some unknown condition, these complex molecules came together to from nucleic acids, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. All wrapped up in a package, the cell formed… and “life” began.

To get a glimpse of life at its most basic level and discover my “life” amongst it all: that’s why I became a microbiologist.

A little headache

I have a headache today. Actually it’s been with me for the last 5 days. Maybe it’s too much stress. When I wake up in the morning I feel okay, but as the day goes on I feel it creeping. It climbs from the base of my neck and settles at the back of my skull. Being that we live in the information age, I did Google it. Most likely it’s a tension headache, that’s what WebMD said. My wife is worried about me, but I tell her its fine and it’s just a little stress.  I want control over too many things in my life. I should learn to give up a little control.

Leaving for work this morning, my wife held my hand, and gave me a big kiss and a big smile. Thank you Princess. So I have a little headache. I’ll live.